38 DIY Nursery Decor Girl

Show your happiness of being a mother through the fun and catchy decor of your baby’s nursery room. If you are going to be blessed with a baby girl then you are at the right place as we have whipped up these 38 DIY Nursery Decor Girl that too being in your budget. The furniture and decor for the girl themes are available on the stores but they have really inflated prices. So DIYing the nursery room decor for your baby is the best way to organize a beautiful place for her and these nursery room decor ideas would really help.

You would find each of the embellishment that you need to charm up the room of your little princess and too in a sorted way. For the walls, there is a variety of wall art frames, alphabets, and pictures that you can easily work up at home with some thrifty material. Then there are plenty of the nursery basic ideas including the cute mobiles made out of flowers, ribbons and paper and also the gorgeous wooden baby cribs and gyms. To personalize the nursery space for your baby girl, you can craft the initials of your baby girl’s name and hang them around nursery walls or put them on display over the nursery tables too.

Not only for the parents of the baby girls but these Nursery Room Ideas also give all of us great gift plans for the new baby girl. Those adorable stuff toys, animal lamp, fabric storage baskets and toy rope shelve are the kind of things that would make a great gift for the welcoming of the baby and to be used in the nursery room sets. So do check out all these nursery room decor ideas for the newborn baby girls and save yourself a lot of money and time.

Painted Wood Block Nursery Art:

DIY Painted Wood Block Nursery Art

Tutorial: aliceandlois

1950’s Toy Horse:

1950’s toy horse

Tutorial: littlehomebyhand

Colorful Pom Pom Garland:

Pom Pom Garlands DIY

Tutorial: taradennis

Make Wall Art From Dictionary Pages & Greeting Cards:

Make Wall Art From Dictionary Pages and Greeting Cards

Tutorial: craftpassion

DIY Neon Nursery Wall Hooks:


Tutorial: sayyes

Crochet Lamb Mobile:

Crochet Lamb Pattern and Baby Mobile

Tutorial: repeatcrafterm

Wooden Baby Gym:

Wooden Baby Gym

Tutorial: mthanded

Birth Stat Chalkboard Wall Art:

DIY Birth Stat Chalkboard Wall Art

Tutorial: thediyvillage

Rustic Nursery Decor:

DIY Rustic Nursery Decor

Tutorial: cadenlane

Fabric Storage Basket:

Fabric Storage Basket

Tutorial: makeit

DIY Cloud Garland:

DIY Cloud Garland

Tutorial: landonandtamara

DIY Baby Mobile:

DIY Baby Mobile

Tutorial: pastelsandmacarons

Personalized Nursery Wood Slice Name Sign:

Personalized Nursery Wood Slice Name Sign

Tutorial: makingjoyandprettythings

DIY Animal Lamp:

DIY Animal Lamp

Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

Moon Cradle Made Out Of Wooden Pallets:

Moon Cradle Made Out Of Wooden Pallets

Tutorial: 1001pallets

Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter:

Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

Tutorial: catchmyparty

Decoupage Outlet Covers:

Decoupage Outlet Covers

Tutorial: the36thavenue

Transform Your Old Dresser Into An Ombre Masterpiece:

Transform Your Old Dresser Into An Ombre Masterpiece

Tutorial: projectnursery

Baby Footprints:

Baby Footprints

Tutorial: barnesfamilylove

Patterned Dot Wall:

Patterned Dot Wall

Tutorial: taylormadecreates

DIY Rope Shelving:

DIY Rope Shelving

Tutorial: simplygrove

Spring Bunny Rattle Crochet:

 Spring Bunny Rattle Crochet

Tutorial: thoresbycottage

Crepe Paper Wisteria:

Crepe Paper Wisteria

Tutorial: onelovelylife

Alphabet Wall:

Alphabet Wall

Tutorial: jennibowlinstudioinspiration

Woodland Alphabet Free Printables:

Woodland Alphabet Free Printables

Tutorial: allcraftythings

DIY Elephant Garland:

DIY Elephant Garland

Tutorial: thaturbanfoxx

DIY Easy Pom Pom Rug:

DIY Easy Pom Pom Rug

Tutorial: sayyes

Floral Alphabet Printable Art:

Floral Alphabet Printable Art

Tutorial: burlapandblue

DIY Crayon Letter:

DIY Crayon Letter

Tutorial: thegilbertsonfamily

Baby Crib Skirt:

Baby Crib Skirt

Tutorial: makeit


DIY Upholstered Rocking Chair:

DIY Upholstered Rocking Chair

Tutorial: diydecormom

DIY Poster Project:

DIY Poster Project

Tutorial: patentpendingprojects

Button Elephant:

Button Elephant

Tutorial: bustedbutton

Floral Name DIY:

Floral Name DIY

Tutorial: daintydressdiaries

Elephant Doorstop:

Elephant Doorstop

Tutorial: createstudio

DIY Clear Nursery Shelves:

DIY Clear Nursery Shelves

Tutorial: thislittlestreet

DIY Modern Bunny Decor:

 DIY Modern Bunny Decor

Tutorial: makeanddocrew

DIY Flower Mobile:

DIY Flower Mobile

Tutorial: themommymyway



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